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A lesson that was drilled into my head by one of my former professors was "Don't compete with mother nature, she'll kick your ass every time". Why paint a flower, when you could pick one? Why photograph the stars, when you can go outside at night? Why settle for a cheap knockoff, when you can experience the real thing for free? That is what inspires all of us, in some way or another, to go out and create, but all artists lose in comparison to nature. Being a landscape photographer facing this dilemma, I use methods like painting with light and long exposure to alter the existing landscape, granting me a window into a new perspective. I search for places that allow me to fill a negative space with light. In the event of creating my work, I mimic ephemeral concepts; a series of fleeting events that when viewed in their present exposes only a fraction of the whole. My finished work is that of many small moments superimposed. They represent things we can experience, but cannot see.

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